Back From the Brink

More than 100 species of England’s most threatened wildlife - including wild flowers - could be saved from extinction.

‘Back from the Brink’ is a partnership project that brings together a range of conservation organisations to focus on protecting key threatened wild flowers, butterflies, birds and other species – such as the pasqueflower (pictured below), sand lizard, and Duke of Burgundy butterfly – from extinction.


Pasqueflower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) - one of the wildflowers we hope to save from extinction in the UK. © Katherine Ryan

The programme is being run by Natural England and the Partnership for Species Conservation – a coalition of seven of the UK’s leading wildlife charities including Plantlife (the others are the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Bat Conservation Trust, Buglife, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

By working together at sites across the country, ‘Back from the Brink’ will save 20 species from extinction and help another 118 species that are under threat move to a more certain future.

This is our chance to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation, by bringing like-minded bodies together for the first time ever.

Marian Spain, Chief Exectutive of Plantlife & Chair of the Back From the Brink programme board

The programme will combine three strands of work, including species conservation on the ground in over 30 places across England, working with landowners, communities, and volunteers, and inspiring people to enjoy and appreciate England’s threatened species.

It is a key contributor to achieving the Government’s Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and forms part of Natural England’s Species Recovery Programme, which focuses on boosting populations of rare insects, birds, amphibians, plants, fungi, and mammals.


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