Plant Link England

PLINK England exists to exchange information and expertise and promote plant and fungi conservation.

The forum formed in 2012 and meets twice a year to collectively discuss topics such as land management issues including, landscape scale conservation as well as policy and legislation. The network of PLINK England organisations aim to take forward action to deliver the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in England, thereby supporting the delivery of Biodiversity Strategy 2020 outcomes. Plantlife provide the secretariat for PLINK England.

PLINK England members:

What PLINK England does

PLINK England organisations have an interest in lichen, fungi and plant conservation in England. The network provides a place for expert information to be exchanged, and fungi, lichen and plant conservation issues to be discussed. On the key topics, PLINK England may prepare a statement, or a report using expert knowledge and evidence from the network of organisations. The discussion information may be turned into a PLINK England position paper or used to update the organisations.

During the PLINK England meetings, organisations also report progress against the relevant GSPC targets and discuss what further action is required. For example, if an organisation has developed or is in the process of developing a conservation red list, this will be reported. These updates are collated and reported at the PLINK UK meeting and will be assembled into a GSPC progress report for England.

PLINK England ensures the delivery the GSPC in England also supports the delivery of Biodiversity 2020 outcomes. The group also takes an interest in country specific policy, and aims to use the evidence and experience of the organisations to drive policy change. The PLINK England group may also respond to public consultations where relevant or feed into a Wildlife and Countryside Link consultation response.