Help Conserve the Lake District

From the highest point of Scafell Pike to the deepest depths of Wastwater Lake...

The Lake District is England’s largest National Park and the setting for Plantlife’s latest project: Looking Out for Small Things (LOST).


Borrowdale Woodlands


Because the Lake District is home to England’s most extensive area of Atlantic woodland. It’s long history, high rainfall and clean air has helped to create this globally-rare habitat with ancient trees in grey-green jackets, soft bright mossy hummocks, carpets of ferns and misted beams flooding through to the forest floor.

Our partnership project will help secure a better future for these beautiful woodlands and their rich but declining populations of very rare lichens, mosses and liverworts. Collectively known as lower plants, almost 200 species are at risk of disappearing from our country.

What though the radiance which was once so bright, Be not forever taken from my sight...

William Wordsworth, whose work was inspired by the Lake District
Pannaria-rubiginosa-Peltigera-collina 280x187.jpg

Lower plants ...

... such as Peltigera collina and Pannaria rubiginosa, are one of the least known and understood aspects of our natural heritage and as a consequence their conservation is facing increasing challenges.


Wild flowers...

Lake District woodlands are also important for flowering plants, such as touch-me-not balsam (Impatiens noli-tangere) and alpine enchanter’s-nightshade (Circaea aplina).

The LOST project will:

  • Ensure this woodland is resilient to threats from climate change, tree disease, invasive species and inappropriate management.
  • Work with local land managers and volunteers creating a new generation of botanists.
  • Increase knowledge of these species, reveal the true state of this habitat and shape future management.

This approach will send ripples of conservation through the Lakes. Our efforts will ensure these woodlands stay well connected and address the threats to specific sites.

But this is only possible with your help.

Carrying out this vital work will cost almost £140,000. Plantlife has received £88,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund but we still need to raise the rest. We’ll match your donation with lottery funding. That means for every £20 you give, we can invest a total of £50 to leave a lasting impact on the woodlands of the Lake District.

The Lake District woodlands are vital for thousands of species including lichens, mosses and flowering plants. Their future depends on us increasing our knowledge and improving management to build the resilience of this habitat.

Thank you in advance for your support.