High Value Investment

The amount of conservation work we do is directly related to levels of support.

If you want to see a world where plants and fungi are thriving, valued and celebrated and are able to make a significant contribution, we would love to talk about how you can help.

Our hugely successful Coronation Meadows project, which has protected some of the UK’s finest remaining meadows and created ninety new ones only happened because a couple of generous individuals provided the high value investment required. This led to funding being secured from many other sources. That original investment paid great dividends for wild flower conservation.

Your investment can be directed at areas of special interest, such as rare species, the most Important Plant Areas, meadows, nature reserves, international conservation, inspiring people to care or building a sustainable future for Plantlife.

Sometimes we can double the impact of your gift by matching it with grant funding to or use your support to retain important staff expertise when grant funding ends.

We see all our supporters as part of the Plantlife team and keep them informed of progress. As a high value supporter, you will have the level of contact and involvement which suits you, whether that means participated in projects and getting out to see work on the ground or just receiving regular updates on progress. You will have the chance to meet project staff, our senior team and trustees, if you wish.

We want to find the way to make to most of your investment, one which suits your own interests and has a significant impact on plant and fungi conservation.

Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Michael Krause, Director of Development

michael.krause@plantlife.org.uk or 07525 806512

Jules Armour, Development Executive

jules.armour@plantlife.org.uk or 01722 342758