Protecting Pollinators

Where wild flowers lead, nature follows.

Stand in the middle of any open, species-rich grassland in midsummer and just listen to the astonishing hum of insect life...

Inextricably linked, wild flowers provide the nectar and pollen for pollinators and many of our favourite flowers rely on these insects to set seed.

But both wild flowers and pollinators are in rapid decline.

  • A third of bumblebees are listed as conservation priorities
  • 70% of butterfly species are in decline
  • The abundance of moths has decreased by nearly 30%.

When you look at the statistics for wild flowers this isn’t surprising:

  • Over 97% of meadows have been lost since the 1930s.
  • That’s about 7.5 million acres of wildflower habitat gone
  • The floral richness of verges has declined by nearly 20% since 1990

If all verges in the UK were managed for nature there would be 418 billion more flowers in the UK.


Our road verge campaign has influenced councils... change their road verge management to benefit wild flowers and pollinators. We are working with Highways Authorities to look after them better.


Our wider work on species-rich grasslands...

Since 2013 we have restored, created and improved the management of 22,250 acres of wildflower meadow and flower-rich grassland. When you consider a small 3 acre meadow may have 8 million flowers in bloom on a single day in June, that’s a lot of nectar and pollen!


Our reserves support a wide variety of rare and threatened pollinators...

...including the Brown-banded Carder Bee, Bedstraw Carpet Moth and the Small Blue Butterfly.

But we need your help.

We won’t be able to carry out this vital work without the generosity of our supporters. Restoring and managing vital habitats, providing specialist advice to landowners and campaigning for wild flowers will cost around £200,000. This will help create a wider and better habitat for pollinators to flourish.

Please help us increase Britain’s flower-rich grassland and reverse the fortunes of our flagging pollinators.

Thank you in advance for your support.