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County Flowers

A celebration of our native flora

Wild flowers are a fundamental part of our local culture and history, and one that we should celebrate, cherish and protect. But never before have our wild flowers been under greater threat.

It is estimated that, each county on average loses one wild flower species every two years.

To highlight our wild flower heritage, Plantlife launched its County Flowers campaign in 2002, asking members of the public to nominate and vote for a wild flower emblem for their county.

The result was a remarkable list that shows the huge range of floral diversity to be found in the UK countryside.

From the fritillary, a spectacular emblem of spring, to Christmas favourite mistletoe; from the vivid red poppy to the dandy wild daffodil; these are the flowers that light up our native woods and chalk downs, our sea-cliffs and moorlands.

To find out which is your County Flower, follow one of the links below:

  • England: Visit our Regions and Nations page, click on the relevant region and choose from the list of counties.
  • Isle of Man: Click here.
  • Northern Ireland: Click here.
  • Scotland: Click here.
  • Wales: Click here.