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End the Sale of Horticultural Peat
Write to your MP

Please ask your MP to support legislation that would end the sale of horticultural peat.

Your MP has the opportunity to show their support for peatlands, the unique wildlife they support, their vital contributions to fighting climate change, to managing floods and purifying water. Read more about peat here and its horticultural use here.

This legislation would be a huge step towards a more sustainable horticultural industry by finally calling a halt to the unnecessary depletion of a valuable habitat.

What you can do

  1. Follow this link 
  2. Input your postcode
  3. Find your MP
  4. Then follow the guidance to send an email.
  5. You can simply copy and paste from the template below to email your MP asking for them to support the proposed legislation. You can edit the template with personalise message as you wish
  6. Adding your details is important. MPs respond to their constituents, so you need to include your name and address to have an impact!

We really appreciate you taking the time to Speak up for Peat!

Email Template

RE: Introduction of a Bill to ban peat sales, 16 April

I am writing to ask for your support for an upcoming Ten Minute Rule Bill to ban the sale of horticultural peat in England. This was introduced to Parliament by Theresa Villiers MP as a Ten Minute Rule Bill on 16 April and will now go forward to a second reading. Please show your support for the Bill at its second reading and by asking the Government to make time in Parliament for this without further delay.

[Brief explanation of why a peat-ban is important to you on a personal level. Delete if not applicable.]

I believe that a peat sales ban is long overdue and the longer we wait, the more seriously peat extraction harms our environment. By banning the sale of horticultural peat and peat-containing products in England, we will be increasing the protection of biodiversity and carbon stores of peatland habitats in England and setting an important precedent for similar legislation elsewhere in the UK.

This is a significant opportunity to make a positive change to protect our environment and support a more sustainable, peat-free horticulture industry. I hope that you will support this legislation being passed before the next general election.

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