Our 10 most threatened woodland plants

One in six of our woodland flowers is threatened with extinction. Below are ten plants we believe most at risk, all of which are listed as either Critically Endangered or Endangered on the UK Red Data List.

1. Spreading bellflower

Campanula patula

Delicate with large, blue, star-like flowers, and with petals that spread widely, hence the name. In England, occurs mainly in the West Midlands (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire), typically on sunny banks and the sides of tracks, lanes or roads, especially in open woodland or on woodland edges. Prefers dry, well-drained, fairly infertile sandy or gravelly soils.

Reasons for decline: Cessation of coppicing and other disturbance in woodland, and increased use of herbicides on roads and rail verges.

Requirements to do well: Disturbance and coppicing to create woodland glades.


Woodlands bluebell

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