Coralroot orchid Corallorhiza trifida

Status Amber - Vulnerable and Near-Threatened
Best Time to See June, July
Colour Purple, Green, Yellow, Red
Habitat Woodland

Despite its name, this orchid doesn't have roots in the truest sense of the word.

Instead it gets energy and nutrients via fungi that live in a lumpy mass at the base of its stem. This has a very coral-like appearance, hence the name.

While it has a little chlorophyll in its stem - allowing some limited photsynthesis when in bloom - it is dependant on the fungi to survive. Without it, it would die.


Boggy and shady woods, quarries and disused railway lines, dune slacks.

Best time to see

When it flowers June-July.

Did you know?

It is the County flower of Fife.

Common names include Early coralroot, Northern coralroot and Yellow coralroot.