Specialist Advice and Consultancy

Over nearly 30 years Plantlife has built up a wide range of skills and experience, centred on botanical knowledge, habitats (creation and management), training and interpreting the natural world to encourage the public to enjoy and celebrate it.


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These skills and experience are available to businesses, land owners, agencies, NGOs and consultants who provide advice and service to them.

Unlike some large charities, we have never concentrated on working alone. Our conservation effort has always gone into joint projects; we use our knowledge to help others, especially landowners. This approach puts us in an ideal position to advise you - on farmland, estate or patch of urban greenspace.

All proceeds from consultancy contracts fund Plantlife’s direct charitable activities to benefit the natural environment.

Plantlife brings specialist expertise in wild plants which form the basis of life for all other wildlife. We do not provide ‘off the shelf solutions’ but work with you to find the best approaches for your project or site considering local conditions and client requirements. Plantlife can help by providing specialist biological advice from the first stages of a project to long term land management or surveying, helping you find the best option on any scale.

  • Land management advice and planning
  • Botanical surveys
  • Interpretation and publicity
  • Stakeholder reporting
  • Compensatory habitats
  • Training
  • Expert analysis

Where advice requires broader expertise, such as on butterfly or bat ecology, we will involve partners with the necessary skills and provide a seamless service to clients.

To discuss please contact Jules Armour at jules.armour@plantlife.org.uk or phone 07975 503877