Green Winged Orchids at Pembrey (c) Simian Jones.jpg

Carmarthen Bay Dunes, Carmarthenshire

Home to nearly 25% of the entire Welsh flora, the dunes around Carmarthen Bay are of international importance. Plantlife is helping to keep the dunes in top condition.

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Gower Cliffs, Glamorgan

Gower is home to some of the UK’s rarest wildflowers, lichens, liverworts and mosses but they are currently under serious threat. Plantlife is helping to restore them.

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Kenfig diggers (c) Scott Hand.jpg

Kenfig, Glamorganshire

Kenfig is the last home of the dune form of Fen Orchid, but even here it's under threat from encroaching vegetation. We've brought in the diggers to launch a rescue mission.

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Portland Cliffs, Dorset

Restoring limestone cliff grassland

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