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Plantlife is committed to delivering inclusive approaches and equality in our work so that a greater diversity of people play a role in the conservation of wild plants and fungi.

We are committed against the discrimination of anyone in our network, our partners, our supporters and members of the public. We encourage and value diversity and we recognise that talent and potential are distributed across the population.

Plantlife will create a culture that is open about the inequalities and exclusion that many face and we will address this to provide equity for all in engaging with Plantlife’s mission.

Reflecting on and creating opportunities to hear different perspectives and experiences of individuals, groups and communities will ensure inclusive delivery and equality of opportunity. The evolution, implementation and evaluation of this policy informs our relationships with all associated with Plantlife.

Policy Statement and Purpose

To weave inclusion, equality and diversity into everything we do, guided by these principles:

  • Zero tolerance approach to discrimination of or by Plantlife staff, volunteers, supportersor anyone associated with Plantlife
  • Promoting positive and respectful relationships amongst all associated with Plantlife
  • Taking positive steps to tackle discrimination and inequality
  • Adopting practices that enable all interested individuals to offer their differing skills, talents and time to support Plantlife
  • Supporting a culture that values difference and recognises that treating people fairly will impact positively on their dignity, self-esteem and confidence
  • Actively reviewing and seeking to improve our culture and work

This policy statement aims to act as an evolving guide to our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, our wider policies and work. It also aims to ensure we are continually improving in our ability to ensure inclusion, equality and equity. Inclusion across all levels of Plantlife’s work is the only way to secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi, in the UK and internationally.

The CEO has responsibility for the effective delivery of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion throughout Plantlife’s mission.

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