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Managing Grasslands

Grasslands – whether its meadows, road verges, or green spaces – have the power to benefit biodiversity, climate and people, by becoming wildflower-rich habitats.

Whatever the size, regular care and ongoing management is required, to enable these diverse and crucial grasslands to thrive.

Cows in a field of grass by a gate in Greena Moor
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Managing Road Verges and Green Spaces

If managed appropriately Britain’s road verges , can be a great network of wildflower-rich grassland.

We invite you; local authorities, highways agencies and contractors to think differently about how to manage your road verges and green spaces. We can work with you to tackle some barriers that you might be encountering in adopting nature-friendly management.

There are great benefits for biodiversity, climate and people, if we improve the diversity of wildflowers in road verges.

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Meadows Hub

Plantife’s Meadows Hub has everything you need to help you manage your meadow or grassland including practical step by step advice, resources, links to training days and expert knowledge


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Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Drive positive change for your local wildlife and local communities with Plantlife's LNRS Local Nature Recovery Strategy guidance.

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm
Cattle on grassland

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm

It’s waxcap season in the Upper Ystwyth and Plantlife’s Sheena Duller explains why fungi and farming can go so well together.

Meadow Makers Project
Meadow in north Wales

Meadow Makers Project

Since the 1930s, 97% of wildflower meadows across England and Wales have disappeared – and we're creating positive change.