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Restoring Grassland across Britain

Over 97% of the UK’s species-rich grassland has been lost in less than a century and it now covers just 1% of land.

Plantlife is working across England, Scotland and Wales to restore it.

Neutral meadow in Cornwall.
Hikers walking through long grass.

What are Grasslands?

A grassland is an area such as a meadow, lawn or hillside dominated by grass. In the UK flower-filled grasslands are a defining feature of the summer, and colourful meadows and pastures of our countryside are what most easily spring to mind.

But there are many more grassland types – from the machair plains of north-west Scotland to the rolling hills of south-west England.

A red coloured waxcap mushroom among grass

Why are grasslands in trouble?

Some of our grasslands are still rich with many different species of wild plants and fungi – but sadly these are among the most threatened habitats in Britain.

There are many reasons for their decline, including conversion into crops and more intensive management, tree planting, being lost to development and more.

Orchid meadow

How are we helping?

Plantlife helps farmers, landowners, and community groups take care of our grasslands for the future with practical advice. We also influence government policymaking to have an impact across biodiversity, planning, agriculture, and climate change.

We are working to ensure there is the right legislation, policy, and funding in place to help create, restore, and take care of our species-rich grasslands.

Our Work

Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Drive positive change for your local wildlife and local communities with Plantlife's LNRS Local Nature Recovery Strategy guidance.

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm
Cattle on grassland

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm

It’s waxcap season in the Upper Ystwyth and Plantlife’s Sheena Duller explains why fungi and farming can go so well together.

Meadow Makers Project
Meadow in north Wales

Meadow Makers Project

Since the 1930s, 97% of wildflower meadows across England and Wales have disappeared – and we're creating positive change.


How to Find and Identify Waxcap Fungi
A red fungi growing in grass

How to Find and Identify Waxcap Fungi

Grasslands like meadows and parks are not just home to wildflowers, they are also an important habitat for waxcap fungi.

Restoring Fen Orchid

Restoring Fen Orchid

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My Meadow Story: Making a Meadow in Rural Wales 
A meadow filled with wildflowers in Carmathenshire, Wales

My Meadow Story: Making a Meadow in Rural Wales 

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