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The Grassland Gap

Plantlife and our partners are calling on the UK Government to prioritise grasslands and commit to developing a Grassland Action Plan for England.

From mountain pastures to floodplain meadows, grasslands cover more than 40% of land in the UK.

They are a huge natural asset; vital for nature and people to thrive, for food production, and to combat climate change.

Grass with yellow rattle flowers and pink flowers
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What we’re asking for

The true value of grasslands has been overlooked by successive governments in the UK.

The majority of our ancient wildlife-rich grasslands have been destroyed and they are now among the UK’s rarest habitats – with losses continuing today. Over-fertilised and monoculture fields now dominate our landscape, providing few benefits for nature, people or our climate.  

It’s time for real action to make the most of our grasslands.  

Machair grassland, yellow and white flowers growing in green grass

This would help to achieve national and international climate and nature targets, by driving the restoration, appropriate management, and creation of wildlife-rich grasslands, connected across the landscape.  

Grasslands can provide many incredible ecosystem services and benefits – such as supporting wildlife, storing carbon, providing clean air and water, and producing nutritious food – but they could be doing so much more. 

To unlock the benefits of grasslands, a new approach is needed. We’re calling on governments in the UK to make the most of our grasslands. 

Reports and Supporting Information

Call for a Grassland Action Plan for England

This briefing covers how Plantlife and its partners are calling on the UK Government to make the most of grasslands and commit to developing a Grassland Action Plan for England’

Grasslands as a Carbon Store

This briefing highlights the value of grasslands as stable carbon stores in order to make the case for action by policy makers, researchers and land managers to protect these grasslands.

Report: Review of Trends in Grasslands Across the UK

A review of the extent of semi-natural and/or species-rich grasslands in the UK, exploring trends over
time and between nations.

Report: Valuing the Vital: Grassland Ecosystem Services in the UK

This report offers a review of existing literature and evidence on the numerous advantages associated with species-rich grasslands.

Our Partners

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Our Work in Grasslands

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