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Plantlife’s priorities

Plantlife’s work spans four strategic areas – protect and restore, connect people with nature, work in partnerships and collaborate and influence.


Our mission is to secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi.

Wild plants and fungi underpin the health of our environment. They can help us to resolve the climate, ecological and societal challenges which we face.

Protecting them will lead to a world full of colour, beauty and life while allowing the plants and the animals which depend on them to thrive.

Blackening Waxcap at Glen Clova, Cairngorms.

Protect and restore

Our aim is to protect and restore a wide variety of wild plants and fungi in our countryside, towns and cities.
We work across grasslands, mountains, woodlands, coasts, heathlands, farmland and peatlands. Our goal is to make sure the country’s common plant species do not become at risk.

We work to protect and restore important habitats, such as hay meadows, grassland, limestone pavement and blanket bog. We also lead conservation projects so that plants and fungi everywhere can thrive.

Surveying plant diversity at Fivehead Arable Fields nature reserve.

Connect people with nature

We want to connect people with nature so that they are inspired to help save different species and their habitats.

By helping develop sparks of fascination, we believe we can help people achieve their goals for the natural world while also boosting their wellbeing. At the same time, we empower communities to care for and protect the rich and varied environment around them.

Cuckoo Bee on Devils-bit Scabious.

Work in partnerships

Working in partnership gives everyone the chance to take action for the environment. We believe that the climate and nature crisis we face is so complex and urgent that solutions can only be found by working together.

Bluebell close-up.

Collaborate and influence

We collaborate with others and use our influence around the world to protect plants and fungi.

Alongside our partners, we push for environmental strategies which will restore native plant species and habitats. Together, we also campaign to end activities which threaten and destroy them.

This will help us make sure that future generations can enjoy a healthy, plant-rich world.

Our aim is to inspire more and more people to work with us and make a difference. This will help us safeguard everything from stretches of golden sand to areas of ancient woodland for people and wildlife.