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Incredible Grasslands

Different types of grasslands, such as meadows and parks, can be full of wildflowers and fungi, benefitting people, nature and climate.

Discover the wealth of benefits provided by these biodiverse habitats and why we need to take action to make the most of our grasslands.

grassland benefits 11 illustrations in a wheel

Healthy grasslands, rich in wild plants and fungi, can provide so many ecosystem services and benefits. With the right management, they can support wildlife, store more carbon, produce nutritious food, provide clean air and water, plus so much more.

Yet, we’ve lost almost all of our most biodiverse grasslands. We need governments in England, Scotland, and Wales to take action to manage, restore, and create grasslands that are rich in wild plants and fungi – making the most of our grasslands for people, nature, and climate.

Benefits for people, nature and climate

Extreme weather resilience

Diverse plant species help to cope with droughts, with deep roots accessing nutrients and water[1]

Natural beauty and cultural heritage

Filled with colour and life, grasslands enrich our landscape and culture, inspiring art & crafts

Cleaner air and water

Reducing fertiliser and pesticide use benefits our health and the natural environment[2]

Health & wellbeing

Access to green spaces improves peoples’ mental & physical health[3]

Healthier Soil

Diverse plants, fungi & microorganisms support healthy soils & their ecosystems, reducing soil erosion[4]

Climate change mitigation

Carbon is safely stored in the undisturbed soils of permanent grasslands[5]

Natural flood defence

Absorbent soils of floodplain meadows[6] and other grasslands slow the flow of floodwaters

Better, joined-up habitats

Providing food, shelter and connected corridors for wildlife across the landscape [7]

Increased pollination

More wildflowers help pollinators thrive [8]

Animal health & nutritious food

Livestock grazing on diverse plant species are healthier[9] & produce more nutritious food[10]

Cooler environment

In heatwaves, wild plants & fungi retain moisture, absorb heat[11] & provide shade for wildlife

Our Work in Grasslands

Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Design your LNRS to Deliver for Plants and Fungi

Drive positive change for your local wildlife and local communities with Plantlife's LNRS Local Nature Recovery Strategy guidance.

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm
Cattle on grassland

A waxcap journey on a Welsh farm

It’s waxcap season in the Upper Ystwyth and Plantlife’s Sheena Duller explains why fungi and farming can go so well together.

Meadow Makers Project
Meadow in north Wales

Meadow Makers Project

Since the 1930s, 97% of wildflower meadows across England and Wales have disappeared – and we're creating positive change.