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Shine a Light on Lichens this Christmas

Lichens are a vital part of our ecosystem, but they are struggling in our polluted and developing world.

Donate today to make a positive impact in preserving and protecting these remarkable species.

tiny green cup like lichens

Why are Lichens important?

Lichens tell us about the environment around them, are used by birds to build nests, provide food and shelter for tiny animals and are even used in medicine.

The UK is home to significant populations of globally rare species, some of which do not grow anywhere else in the world. We have an international responsibility to look after them.

However, lichens are facing increasing challenges from air pollution, habitat loss, tree diseases, a lack of understanding and climate change. Which is why they need your help.

We have a plan to tackle these issues; working on the ground, through training, mapping, policy work and by raising awareness. Read more below.

What could your support do?

  • £15 could raise awareness of how special lichens are
  • £50 could help identify and map new key sites for lichens
  • £95 could run half a day’s training in habitat management for lichens
  • £186 could help us spend a day translocating rare lichens

Find out more and donate

Plantlife’s 5-Step Plan to help lichens

To tackle the challenges lichens face we have created a plan to shine a light on lichens and give them a brighter future.

  1. On the ground – working with land managers to advise on the restoration of temperate rainforests, translocating rare species and managing ash dieback.
  2. Education and training – share the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm so people can take practical action to protect lichens.
  3. Policy and legislation – working closer with governments to reduce air pollution and climate impacts from fossil fuels and intensive farming, and to prioritise the protection and restoration of habitats like temperate rainforest.
  4. Research and data – inspiring landscape-level action within our Important Plant Area programme to reveal areas with the highest restoration potential, ensuring funds are used effectively.
  5. Raising awareness – spreading the word on how special and important lichens are to ensure they are celebrated and protected