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UK National Meadows Day 2024

Take part in Plantlife’s National Meadows Day on Saturday 6 July 2024 by visiting your nearby meadows at their midsummer best.

6 Jul 2024
Meadows Everywhere
08:00 – 20:00
Wildflower meadow landscape with a variety of species near Cardiff, Wales

This year we celebrate the value of our local biodiverse grasslands, including meadows.

Wildflower meadows look their best in summer, as flowers bloom and seed heads pop under the sun. They are hugely important resources which provide a sanctuary for wildlife, lock up carbon and are vital to our wellbeing.

However, our meadows are in trouble. The majority of our ancient species-rich grasslands have been lost, and now our meadows need us more than ever.

Get involved

Join Plantlife as we shout out about how important our wild plant-filled meadows are this National Meadows Day.

Here’s just a few ways you can discover your local meadows this National Meadows Day – either out and about or enjoying a virtual experience from your home.

Visit a reserve

Did you know Plantlife has 23 nature reserves across the UK? Visit your nearest reserve and see if you can find some of the different grassland habitats and rare species that they support.

Make your own meadow

Meadows aren’t just for the countryside! Follow our expert guide to turn your garden lawn into next year’s mini meadow.

Keep it local

Discover your nearby meadows, whether it’s a wild area in your local park or church yard, or even your own lawn! See what you can find on your doorstep. Use our ID guide to help.

Don’t forget to follow the countryside code when visiting green spaces to protect the delicate and rare species that call our meadows home.

Share your favourite meadows and the wild plants that live there with us on social media with #NationalMeadowsDay.

Found a wildflower in a meadow but not sure what it is? Use our ID guide to find out it’s name!