Important Plant Areas

The Important Plant Area (IPA) programme is intended to inform and underpin existing international, regional and national conservation programmes and legislation. Ultimately we hope that IPAs will act as a benchmark for determining whether the strongest protection, under any existing legislation, is being afforded to the most important sites for plants.

IPAs contribute to the following Global and European agreements and initiatives:

  • The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • The CBD Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
  • The Pan European ‘Environment for Europe’ Process (PEBLDS, PEEN, High Nature Value Farmland, the Aarhus Convention)
  • The RAMSAR Convention
  • The European Strategy for Plant Conservation
  • The EU Habitats & Species Directive, Natura 2000 network,
  • Water Framework Initiative
  • The Bern Convention & Emerald Network

IPA Database

Managed by Plantlife International, the IPA Database provides free access to factsheets on all Important Plant Areas for plant lovers, specialists, decision makers or anyone who needs to know more about the most important sites for plants and their features.

The factsheets contain information on the sites, their plants and habitats, their protection status and threats, and any positive conservation action at the site. In addition you can search for particular threatened habitats, or query the extent of different threats to IPAs.


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This IPA Online database holds information on Important Plant Areas in Europe.

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