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What’s a lichen?

Step 1.

Even though we can find lichens in most places we go, lots of us have never really noticed them and don’t know what they are.  

Have a go at our What’s a lichen? activity to learn everything you need to know about them. 


Have a go at our activity

Step 2.

Now you know what a lichen is, can you tell lichens apart from other living things?

Take a look at the activity sheet and see if you can Spot the lichen. 


Download and print Spot the lichen sheet

Scroll down for even more lichen activities!

Lichens are all around us!

Step 1.

Lichens can grow almost anywhere… they could even be right on your doorstep! 

Find out more about where lichens grow through our online activity – you might be surprised at where you can find them! 


Have a go at our activity

Step 2.

Even in busy places, full of people and cars, you’ll be able to spot lichens. They could be anywhere, from playparks and pavements, to graveyards and post boxes. 

Now you know some of the places you might find lichens growing its time to see if you can find some. Go on your own Lichen Hunt to see where you can find them in your local area.  


Download and print the Lichen Hunt sheet

Activity Sheets