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King Charles III became Plantlife’s patron in 1999 when he was HRH Prince of Wales, and his devotion and passion for championing conservation and defending nature has had a galvanising impact on our work.

His passion for species-rich grasslands has brought about significant impact, particularly in our work to restore and expand meadows. From his own meadow at Highgrove, to the Queen’s Meadow in Green Park, London, King Charles has done so much to highlight the value and vulnerability of these special habitats that Plantlife speaks up for.

In 2009 our Patron contributed an urgent forward to our Ghost Orchid Declaration report, ringing the alarm for plant extinctions. Our Patron’s message that “we must rediscover an essential understanding of the role of wild plants of sustaining wellbeing of life on this planet, both physical and spiritual” rings true today.

In 2012 Plantlife published the seminal report Our Vanishing Flora, highlighting how 80 species of wild plants that existed in Britain in the 17th Century had become extinct. Half of those were lost since the 1950s. The sobering Plantlife report caught the eye of the then HRH The Prince of Wales, whose family has shown an enduring passion for preserving nature.

Inspired by the rallying call from our Patron on the 60th anniversary of the Coronation, the Coronation Meadows project was born. The Coronation Meadows conservation partnership project, between Plantlife, The Wildlife Trusts and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, was launched at Highgrove in 2013 by HRH The Prince of Wales and pioneered a path to the long-term creation and restoration of species-rich grasslands.

In recent years, our Patron’s backing has continued to energise our efforts. In February 2020 he held a reception at Highgrove to celebrate Plantlife’s 30th anniversary and endorsed our Strategy to 2030.

In 2021, Plantlife and our partners at Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Butterfly Conservation were thrilled thatGrasslands+ – our joint effort to raise the urgency to protect and restore global grasslands at COP-26 was chosen as a case study in the very first annual report from theTerra Carta our Patron’s mandate to put Nature, People and Planet at the heart of the private sector.  

In January 2023, Plantlife was delighted to be chosen as one of seven organisations to be awarded a Strategic Partnerships grant from King Charles III Charitable Fund, allowing us to launch our Science and Impact programme to demonstrate impact, share organisational learning and develop our research networks.

We are very much looking forward to having His Majesties support in years to come, as we know how crucial it is that we protect and restore nature.