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Cae Blaen-dyffryn Nature Reserve

Location: near Lampeter, Carmarthenshire, Wales
OS: SN 604441
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Habitat: Species-rich neutral pasture

Yellow flowers on a single stem in a grass field
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The Reserve

On a ridge above Lampeter, Cae Blaen-dyffryn is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of the importance of its species-rich neutral grassland, and Lesser Butterfly Orchid Platanthera bifolia population. Visitors can marvel at Butterfly-orchids and waxcap fungi, and spot the elusive Moonwort Fern Botrychium lunaria.

The upper slopes are dry grassland, with typical species like Red Clover, Common Knapweed, Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil, and Cat’s-ear. Drainage is poorer lower down, where a mire community characterised by big tussocks of Purple Moor-grass also includes Ragged-robin, Marsh Thistle and Common Valerian.

This is one of the few Plantlife reserves where fungi are recorded as a special feature, with 5 species of waxcap, best seen on the reserve from September to November. Pink waxcap is uncommon and only grows on grasslands not affected by modern agriculture.


Cae Blaen-dyffryn is a single large field – Cae means field in Welsh – sloping upwards, gently at first and then more steeply before levelling off at 340m above sea level.

In total, more than 160 flowering plant species have been recorded on the reserve, which is managed by light cattle-grazing to stop taller, fast-growing species overwhelming the more delicate grassland specialities.

Species to look out for

  • Greater Butterfly-orchid Platanthera chlorantha (June-July)
  • Lesser Butterfly-orchid Platanthera bifolia (June-July)
  • Pink waxcap Porpolomopsis calyptriformis (September-November)


A map of Cae Blaen-dyffryn nature reserve


There are no public rights of way into the nature reserve and access is via stock gate from the A482 itself.

Park safely in nearby lanes and access the site from the main road; please take care on the roadside.

No dogs please.

Grid Ref: SN605443, postcode SA48 8EZ

Purchase of the reserve was made possible by Unilever (Timotei).