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Fanfare of Trumpets Lichen

Ramalina fastigiata 

A very common fruticose lichen on trees, which is easy for beginners to recognise.

  • Grey-green irregularly shaped and flattened branches, often wrinkled. 
  • Branches end with round and flattened fruits (apothecia). 

As its evocative English name suggests, this lichen is relatively easy to spot once you have seen its ‘trumpets’. These are the apothecia (fruiting bodies) that stand out at the tips of many of the branches. They vary in size, but collectively make a visual impact. 


Widespread and common across the British Isles with concentrations in southern England and coastal areas. 

Other Species

Early Dog-violet
Five-petalled Early Dog-violet flower on a background of blurred leaves, with a second budding flower out of focus

Early Dog-violet

Viola reichenbachiana

Daffodil (wild)
One Daffodil flower with pale petals and a bright yellow tube

Daffodil (wild)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp pseudonarcissus

Colt's-foot flower with yellow petals, each with orange markings at the tip


Tussilago farfara