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Ragged Robin

Silene flos-cuculi

How to spot it

The petals of Ragged Robin are deep pink or white, with each divided into four narrow lobes. Its leaves are narrow and rough to touch.

Where it grows

Ragged Robin’s dishevelled beauty is a common site in damp meadows. It also grows in wetter woodland.

How’s it doing?

Many counties have recorded a local decline in Ragged Robin numbers, mainly from habitat loss to agriculture. However, overall, it is still considered of least concern.

Things you might not know

  • Ragged Robin is dedicated to St. Barnabas. Why? Hay-making took place around his Feast Day (11th June) and this bright pink flower would been found amongst the hay.
  • In Shakespeare’s time it was known as Crowflower and is one of the flowers in Ophelia’s “garland”.
  • In the the Victorian “Language of Flowers” it symbolises ardour, aversion, and wit.
  • It is particularly attractive to long-tongued bees.

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