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Shaggy Strap Lichen

Ramalina farinacea

Shaggy Strap Lichen
  • Grows in pale grey-green to yellow-green tufts, with flattened, straggly and forked branches (up to 10cm).  
  • Soredia in discrete oval soralia along branch margins. This is clear with a hand lens, but possible to see without. Apothecia (fruiting bodies) are rare. 
  • Both sides of the branches have the same colouring (and it does not have a white underside). 


One of the most common fruticose species on trees with acidic bark such as alder, birch and oak. It is fairly pollution tolerant.

Similar species

Could be confused with Evernia prunastri but that lacks the oval soralia on the edges of the branches and has distinctly paler undersides to the branches.  When first becoming familiar with lichens you may also confuse R. fastigiata for an Usnea species as first glance, but if you look carefully you will notice that R. farinacea has flattened branches rather than cylindrical branches.  

Similar to other Ramalina species such as R. calicaris, R. fastigiata, and R. fraxinea, but they have rounded apothecia (fruiting bodies) and they lack the oval soralia. 


Widespread and common across the whole British Isles. 

Other Species

Early Dog-violet
Five-petalled Early Dog-violet flower on a background of blurred leaves, with a second budding flower out of focus

Early Dog-violet

Viola reichenbachiana

Daffodil (wild)
One Daffodil flower with pale petals and a bright yellow tube

Daffodil (wild)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp pseudonarcissus

Colt's-foot flower with yellow petals, each with orange markings at the tip


Tussilago farfara