Some of our current grassland conservation projects.


Saving meadows

A call to protect, love and restore our meadows and species-rich grassland against the creeping normality that they no longer matter.

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Save Our Magnificent Meadows

Funded by the HLF, Plantlife is leading a partnership with the aim of saving our vanishing meadows.

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Coronation Meadows

Coronation Meadows is the largest meadow creation project in Britain

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Hoary Rockrose Great Orme (c) Trevor Dines-Plantlife.JPG

Great Orme, Conwy

One of the top five sites for rare and threatened plants in Britain, the Great Orme's flowers are threatened by a lack of grazing. Plantlife brings in the sheep to save them.

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Waxcaps of Wales

Engaging people across Wales to raise awareness of these fungi and developing the next generation of field mycologists.

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Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Led by Plantlife, this project will establish a network of helpers to find out more about where this orchid is growing and more detailed information about its needs. We’ll undertake careful habitat management and trial new techniques...

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