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Online Talk: Wonder on our doorstep

Join us and find out how to support children to find curiosity and connection in nature.

6 Aug 2024
19:00 – 20:00
A beautiful purple flower in front of a group of people walking through the sand dunes

As parents, carers and grandparents we want to help our children and young people to foster a deep connection with the natural world, but we don’t always feel confident doing so. That’s where this workshop can help – it’s a journey back to basics, offering practical insights and playful strategies for stress-free nature exploration.

After taking part you will…

  • Be inspired by simple but meaningful ways to spend time together with nature that can be adapted for different ages and abilities;
  • Feel ready to support child-led sensory and creative nature play;
  • Take away practical strategies for overcoming common barriers such as lack of time or confidence, or worries about dirt or risk.
  • Feel excited about bringing the many benefits of nature connection into your family’s life.

You won’t find complex instagrammable crafts or activities needing loads of prep – just powerful ways to ‘rewild the child’ while making sure the grown ups have fun too!