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Ajuga reptans

A close up of a blue bugle plant.

This wild flower’s deep blue flower spikes may be found carpeting damp glades and meadows.

An evergreen perennial, it spreads by means of long, leafy runners. Spikes of purplish-blue flowers grow to from dense mats of dark green leaves with purple highlights. It is sometimes confused with Selfheal, however on this plant the flowers are arranged more tightly at the top of the stem.

Where to find Bugle

In damp woods, hedge banks and meadows throughout the UK.

How’s it doing?

Bugle continues to be common in its preferred habitats.

Did you know?

  • Bugle is much loved by bumblebees.
  • The ‘reptans’ in its Latin name is derived from ‘repto’, meaning ‘creeping, crawling’.
  • It was a popular ingredient in herbal remedies, particularly for stopping bleeding.

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