Save Nature on our Road Verges

Our road verges could supply vital food and shelter for our declining wildlife whilst taking safety into account. Help us convince your council.

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Saving meadows

A call to protect, love and restore our meadows and species-rich grassland against the creeping normality that they no longer matter.

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Why we need to keep peat in the ground - and out of our gardens

What is peat? Why peat is important for nature. Are there good alternatives to peat in the garden? Plantlife's campaign to keep peat in the ground

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Brexit: a greener UK?

After Brexit, environmental protection and funding may be in jeopardy. Ask your MP to stand up for the environment in Parliament.

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Keeping the "wild" in wildflower

Off-the-shelf wildflower mixes provide an instant hit of pollen, nectar and seed. But to keep the wild in wildflower, we need a different approach.

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Invasive, non-native plants

In Britain approximately £1.7billion is spent every single year on trying to tackle the problem of invasive non-native species.

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Fight for sites

If you believe that wild plants and fungi are at risk at a site near you, here’s a few ideas for what you can do.

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Plant theft: a growing concern?

From the theft of bluebells and snowdrop bulbs to rare orchids and ferns, it’s a crime that can have a disastrous affect on plant populations...

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Yes Plants Can!

Seventh Generation – the eco-friendly household cleaning company – and Plantlife are fighting to get plants back on the climate-change agenda.

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