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Connecting and protecting grasslands in Wales

We’ve been awarded £1m to restore and conserve species-rich grassland across Wales and protect this vital habitat for the future.

Three people with backpacks and papers crouched investigating wild plants growing from the grass they're stood in

We’re about to begin an extensive project to restore species-rich grasslands across Wales with the help of a generous grant. 

Plantlife was awarded £1m in March by the Nature Networks Fund, which is funded by the Welsh Government. The grants are delivered by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Natural Resources Wales and aim to support nature’s recovery by increasing the resilience of protected land and marine sites across Wales.


Our project

Our project is known as Glaswelltiroedd Gwydn. It will be delivered in partnership with PONT (Pori Natur A Threftadaeth) and North Wales Wildlife Trust. 

Together, we will carry out surveys in and around Sites of Special Scientific Interest. We will focus on Important Plant Areas and our two nature reserves, Cae Blaen-dyffryn and Caeau Tan y Bwlch. Land around these sites will also be included to connect habitats so that species which rely on grasslands can thrive. 

Once survey work is complete, we will use our findings to draw up individual management plans tailored to each site. Local people will be invited to join us online and in person to help monitor and manage these areas. We’ll also offer chances for training, volunteering and bilingual interpretation so that as many people as possible can get involved.  

The three-year project is due to kick off in early 2023/24. It will be supported by four new-to-conservation individuals, who we are recruited to work on the project as interns. 

More ‘Funding our Work’

Plantlife and Lidl bring wildflowers in store
Female and young child looking at yellow buttercups.

Plantlife and Lidl bring wildflowers in store

Lidl supported Plantlife by bringing wildflower survey to its customers.

Launching our science and impact work
Matt Pitts wearing a suit and an orange head scarf shakes hands with King Charles

Launching our science and impact work

We’re kickstarting an important research and education programme with the help of a £390,000 grant. 

How individuals are making a difference
A man standing in front of a Plantlife fundraising gazebo at an event

How individuals are making a difference

Helping rebuild a plant-rich world with the help of our generous supporters.