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Help Preserve our Botanical Treasures

45% of flowering plants are at risk of extinction.

Donate today to help us take action for the unsung heroes of our ecosystems, wild plants and fungi.  

two purple flowers

We are blessed in the UK with a wealth of beautiful habitats, from flower-filled hay meadows to damp lush temperate rainforest, from undulating sand dunes to craggy mountains.

However, look more closely and our plants and fungi are telling us something isn’t right.

Species are struggling and we are taking action to stop them disappearing from our landscapes altogether.

Plantlife helps restore swathes of grasslands and temperate rainforest, but sometimes habitat restoration alone isn’t enough. Many species like Pasqueflower require additional management and care.

We have a tried and tested method to deliver impactful change on a large scale. Working on a case-by-case basis takes time, but it’s necessary to identify exactly what an individual species needs to thrive.

With your help we can make the long-term commitments required to protect treasured plants:

  • £20 could help translocate Twinflower cuttings to a new site
  • £50 could help harvest Juniper berries to establish new populations
  • £100 could help clear scrub to give species like Pasqueflower space to breathe and germinate


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Examples of how Plantlife carries out species conservation:

Plantlife conservation road map illustration

  1. Research: We identify a species in need, map current populations and find landowners and managers to work with.
    • Lady’s Slipper Orchid
    • Alpine Saw-wort
    • Oak Polypore
    • Oyster Plant
  2. Trial: We set up a trial: whether that be to translocate existing species or change the way land is being managed.
    • One-flowered Wintergreen
    • Scottish Primrose
    • Holly Fern
    • Wild Thyme
  3. Learn: We review the success and learnings from this trial.
    • Pasqueflower
    • Wood Bitter Vetch
  4. Implement:When a successful method is found, we work with partners to deliver a greater impact on a much larger scale.
    • Juniper
    • Lady Orchid
    • Marsh Saxifrage
    • Dwarf Jelly Lichen
    • Broad-leaved Cudweed
    • Twinflower
    • Man Orchid
    • Fen Orchid

Donate Today

How are We Saving Species?

Cairngorms Rare Plants Project
Pine trees in woodland with sunshire shining through.

Cairngorms Rare Plants Project

Building on our previous work, Plantlife's project, Rare Plants and Wild Connections, empowers people to take action to save and support our rarest wild plants

Saving Our Endangered Aquatic Buttercup
White flowers with green leaves in a pool of water

Saving Our Endangered Aquatic Buttercup

The effort Greena Moor Nature Reserve management team put in place to save the Three-lobed Water Crowfoot.

Purple Oxytropis – a Plant Living on The Edge of Extinction
Purple Oxytropis flower growing on the side of boulders.

Purple Oxytropis – a Plant Living on The Edge of Extinction

Alistair Whyte, Head of Plantlife Scotland shares his thoughts on Scotland's Plant Relict, Purple Oxytropis

Saving Endangered Species – Reverse the Red

Saving Endangered Species – Reverse the Red

Throughout February, Plantlife is participating in Reverse the Red's Fungi Month – a chance to discover some of our most threatened species.

Saving England’s Lowland Juniper
Close up photo of a Juniper berry on a bush

Saving England’s Lowland Juniper

An ambitious Plantlife project to revitalise populations of Juniper in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire to prevent native Juniper from becoming extinct.

Saving Wintergreen, A Confusing Wee Flower 
Star shaped white flower with 5 petals.

Saving Wintergreen, A Confusing Wee Flower 

Plantlife’s Cairngorms Project Manager Sam Jones reveals how a tiny flower in Scotland is fighting back against extinction in the UK.

Saving Endangered Plants in Scotland
A small twinflower plant growing on a lush green woodland floor

Saving Endangered Plants in Scotland

Did you know some of our plants are threatened by extinction? Here are 3 species that are endangered in Scotland and the work that’s being done to bring them back.

3 Endangered Plants in Wales

3 Endangered Plants in Wales

Some of our plants in Wales are threatened by extinction, but here are 3 species that are being brought back from the brink of extinction.

Rescuing Pasqueflower and Juniper

Rescuing Pasqueflower and Juniper

We are working to restore Pasqueflower, which can only be found at 19 sites across England, and Juniper, which is facing extinction in southern Britain.

Finding Hazel Gloves Fungus: Why Recording Matters

Finding Hazel Gloves Fungus: Why Recording Matters

Hazel Gloves Fungus is a priority species on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, learn more about this rainforest fungi this Reverse the Red month.