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The Cairngorms are home to some of our rarest wild plants. Habitats include wildlife-rich grasslands, ancient waxcap grassland sites, rare Caledonian pinewood forests, and breath-taking high mountains.  

Our current Cairngorms project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It is supported by the Cairngorms National Park Authority and NatureScot.  

Which habitats are Plantlife protecting in the Cairngorms?

Caledonian Pinewoods 

We’re working to save rare the rare pinewood species One-flowered Wintergreen Moneses uniflora and Twinflower Linnaea borealis. The remaining populations of these plants are fragmented and struggling to survive. We are taking direct action to save these species.  

Wildlife-rich grasslands 

The Cairngorms are home to some of the last remaining wildlife-rich grasslands in Scotland. We are working with volunteers and farmers to restore and reconnect these rare habitats.  


Working with the James Hutton Institute (JHI) and dedicated hill walking volunteers , we have carried out ground-breaking new research on the summit of the mountains. This research is helping us to understand the impact of climate change on Scotland’s mountain top habitats. 

How can I get involved?

Plantlife is always looking for volunteers to assist in project like this, either through the translocation process, site monitoring, or removal of invasive non-native species, like Rhododendron ponticum.

Keep informed of opportunities by following Plantlife Scotland on Facebook or Twitter. Live too far to assist? Getting the word out about our work is just as important as participating.

Project Details

Our current work builds on the legacy of the Cairngorms Wild Plants project, which ended in September 2020. This project was funded through Cairngorms LEADER, the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Nature Scot. Through this project we are working with land managers, local communities, organisations and visitors to the National Park.

The project is made possible by our funders

The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Cairngorms National Park Authority, NatureScot

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