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Work in Partnerships

We are convinced that the complexity and urgency of the challenges our world faces can only be successfully addressed through partnership working. You can read more about our projects in these case studies.

Four women and one man smiling holding a burgundy ribbon that is tied around a metal sculpture
On the road to wildflower-rich verges and greenspaces
Road Verges and Greenspaces

On the road to wildflower-rich verges and greenspaces

Our drive to empower and support local authorities to change the way they manage road verges took a significant step forward during the year when the project expanded its remit.

Influencing positive policies for our grasslands
Hikers walking through long grass.
Grassland Advocacy

Influencing positive policies for our grasslands

Plantlife has been speaking up for species-rich grasslands and their carbon-rich soils, both in the UK and across the globe.

Restoring dynamic dunescapes at Braunton Burrows
A tall grass plant is in the foreground and a cool grassy dunescape is in the background
Dynamic Dunescapes

Restoring dynamic dunescapes at Braunton Burrows

Plantlife has continued to lead the biggest sand dune restoration works ever attempted in the UK, with impressive results.

Boosting plant diversity at Beldorney
Close up image of a white five petaled flower with yellow stamens in the centre. There are other flowers in the out of focus background
Beldorney Botanical Survey

Boosting plant diversity at Beldorney

We discovered an incredible 479 species at the Beldorney Estate in Banffshire, Scotland, while carrying out comprehensive surveys to help restore its valuable ecosystems.

Ending one project and starting a new chapter
A landscape shot of a temperate rainforest with ferns, mosses, lichens covering every surface
Building Resilience in South West Woodlands

Ending one project and starting a new chapter

Our 4-year Building Resilience project came to an end in January 2023 after successfully shining a light on the south west’s temperate rainforest and the lichen, moss and liverwort communities it supports.

Saving Wales’ threatened species
Two people with looking at a plant with the mountain in the back drop
Natur am Byth!

Saving Wales’ threatened species

Our exciting plans for Natur am Byth, Wales’ flagship green recovery project, were fully developed during 2022/23, paving the way for the initiative to begin in earnest in summer 2023.

The impact of our work on nitrogen and peat

We’re working in partnership to tackle the threats which nitrogen pollution and peat sales pose to wild plants and fungi.

Nature recovery from the bottom up

We’re using the introduction of Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) to advocate for wild plants and fungi and their protection. 

Looking Forward

With the scale of challenges ahead it can appear a daunting task to ‘turn the tide’ yet we can be enormously encouraged at the same time. Across the spectrum of society, from policy makers, corporations, the finance sector, non-governmental organisations, the media and science communities, through to the arts public dialogue; there is a desire to act. It is through partnerships, both of kindred spirits but also of new and multi-dimension associations that we will make the big differences.

Plantlife is positioned increasingly so as the partnership ‘partner of choice’. We have the expertise across multiple dimensions to support nature’s recovery and we are adapting our organisation structures to provide such support to all types of partners. Our charitable activity remains the largest and most significant of our partnership activities whilst Plantlife Biodiversity Consultants, the paid for services element of Plantlife Trading Ltd, providing conservation land management advice, is well positioned for growth. In the coming years we will be looking to expand further our range of partnership engagement activities, including ways to promote, formulate and enhance the importance of biodiversity recognition in financial markets.

Partnerships for nature based on competence and impact is the way forward and Plantlife is an enabler of some of the most successful partnerships for conservation in place across the nations of the UK. We now look forward to expanding the range of type of partnerships to protect and restore nature both in the UK and more widely.

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